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Why Use us for your Errands?



People today are working longer hours leaving them little time to spend with family, never mind finding the time and energy for daily chores and shopping.  Many of us have aging parents that rely on family to do their shopping for the items that they need. 


People looking for this service:

  • Families with time strained schedules that need someone to buy them some time by taking care of their own personal shopping and errands.

  • Seniors who are finding it difficult to get shopping or errands done.

  • Loved ones who are looking for that perfect gift or gifts for a special occasion.

  • Parents who are too busy to be searching for presents for all of the events that are happening in their busy lives.


15% of receipt(s) total with a $25.00 minimum

Same day delivery service, if available


Other Fees:
$5.00 per each requested additional store/stop

$5.00 for prescription or dry cleaning stops
$35.00 fee for returned checks
5% of total for credit card payments


*Please contact us for monthly pricing packages

Rates based on a 20 mile radius of Marion, IL 



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