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Scheduled/Routed Delivery

While you might not need us for emergency deliveries, we also maintain a regularly routed delivery service to Marion, Carbondale, Murphysboro, Harrisburg, Metropolis, West Frankfort, Benton & Mt Vernon. A routed delivery may include mail pickup and drop off from post offices, in-house mail deliveries, pickups & drop offs with companies that help keep your business running.  If you think you could benefit from routed pickup and delivery service, please contact us to learn more on how we can help save you time and money.

Emergency Delivery

"When tomorrow is too late!!!!!"  

There are times when you just can't wait for regular business hours. A hospital needs a specimen taken to a lab at 2 a.m. A company needs a broken part replaced before the morning shift arrives. That is why On Call Courier is there 24 hours a day. Call us in the middle of the night or in the middle of the afternoon, we will be there.

Medical Delivery

We specializes in the safe and timely delivery of medical specimens, samples, supplies, and equipment between healthcare facilities, laboratories, and patients. all while be committed to precision and reliability to preserve the chain of custody of the specimens. 

Legal Delivery

Delivery/Pick up of documents Local, County, District and Federal courts. Signature Service whether it’s a contract signed or medical release, with our mobile notary service we can take your documents and obtain signatures.

Bank & Real Estate Delivery

Take advantage of comprehensive delivery services. We are a Notary Signing Agent to help expedite your transactional needs throughout the area. We can assist you on-time, every time. Let us be your source for a solution to your needs.



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