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· SAVINGS!!! - What does it cost to send someone from your office, Hourly Rate + Mileage @ $.575 = Cost. For example you send an employee making $12 an hour to deliver a document 10 miles down the road, you would be looking at 12+11.50(20x.575)= $23.50, this does not include time lost and the insurance liability.

Standard Same Day Delivery*                                                                      Scheduled Route**                                     

Monday - Friday Delivery before 6pm                                         $8 per stop $6 each additional                

Monday - Friday before 8am or after 6pm                                 $12 per stop $10 each additional

Saturday & Sunday 8am-5pm                                                       $20


**Sign up for $10 weekly billing. This gives you a reduced same day delivery rate & priority service. Coverage area for this service is 40 mile radius of Marion, IL. and Paducah, KY. 

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