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Our Local Rates

Mail pickup and drop off from the post office, multi location inter-office courier, delivery/pick up of documents & parts to business or residential. Whatever the need is for your business we are here to help. 


Standard Same Day Delivery                                     Per Stop                                                                                                   

Monday - Friday Delivery                                                   $10*                                                          

Monday - Friday before 8am or after 5pm                     $30                     

Saturday & Sunday 8am-5pm                                           $50  


Rush Delivery - within 2 hours 

Monday - Friday Delivery before 5pm                             $35                                                          


Coverage area for local rates is a 35 mile radius of Marion, IL. 


Many businesses use us to get there office supplies or help them pick up & deliver client or employee gifts. Contact us to see how we can help. 


*Scheduled before 10:30AM. 




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